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Get to Know a Chicken Farmer on National Farmer’s Day

Most people are at least three generations removed from the farm, meaning the average person doesn’t have first-hand knowledge about agriculture. To help people better understand how food is grown and raised, farmers across the nation have taken to social media to share their on-farm stories.  Lauren Arbogast, a chicken farmer from Virginia, has garnered a highly engaged following since she hit social media a few years ago.

Lauren is a city girl turned farmer’s wife, who farms with her husband Brian and two sons on their diverse operation in Rockingham County, Virginia. They raise meat chickens (broilers) across 5 houses, plus a cow/calf herd of 450, a calf backgrounding site of 400, and crop rotations. A blogger, Lauren reaches her followers and shares more detailed stories on her blog:

Lauren is passionate about telling her story and helping others learn more about life on the farm. She is an excellent example of a modern-day chicken farmer showing modern-day farming practices.  On National Farmer’s Day, follow @Lauren.Arbogast on Instagram!

Lauren Arbogast Social Post

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