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6 Chicken Farmers to Follow on Social Media

If you want to connect with a farmer, learn more about where your chicken comes from and how farmers care for their chickens – here are a few chicken farmers we recommend following:

1. Lauren Arbogast

Lauren Arbogast Social Post

Lauren’s Twitter & Instagram

2. Daniel Hayden

Daniel Hayden Social Post
Daniel Hayden Chicken Post

Daniel’s Twitter & Instagram

3. Jenny Rhodes

Jenny Rhodes Social Post
Jenny Rhodes Chicken Post

Jenny’s Twitter & Instagram

4. Matt Lohr

Matt Lohr Social Post
Matt Lohr Chicken Farmer Post

Matt’s Twitter & Instagram

5. Shaunee Cyrus

Shaunee Cyrus Social Post
Shaunee Cyrus Chicken Post

Shaunee’s Twitter & Instagram

6. Jenell Eck

Jenell’s Twitter & Instagram