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Choose Chicken This National Health Education Week

It doesn’t matter if you’re a health education professional, healthcare provider or just someone who wants to improve their health and wellness by making smart lifestyle choices, National Health Education Week is the perfect time to teach others or understand for yourself why choosing chicken powers the body, from head to toe…

One of the missions of National Health Education Week is to increase national awareness on major public health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. This new infographic does just that and goes one step further by providing education on how eating chicken has nutritional benefits for the management of these chronic health conditions. Along with diabetes and heart disease, check out this FAQ resource on chicken and cancer.

It’s no surprise that Americans eat more chicken than any other protein, and for good reason. Shoppers across the nation love its taste, nutritional value, affordability, sustainability & versatility – chicken is a table-pleaser for eaters of all ages. This downloadable infographic reviews all the reasons choosing chicken is a good call for National Health Education Week and beyond. Share it on social or make copies to distribute in your local community.

Chicken Builds Muscle

There are so many reasons to love chicken. It’s one of the most accessible sources of protein and it plays an important role in nutrition through the stages of life, just to name a few. Now, you can share all the ways chicken benefits health and wellness throughout National Health Education Week with these new graphics made exclusively for posting on social media. There are over 10 health and nutrition social graphics to choose from!

Are you planning on using any of these educational materials during National Health Education Week? Tag us on social so we can join in on the health and wellness education fun. And don’t forget to use #NHEW!