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Chicken Feed Tailored to Each Stage of Life

By their fourth week of life, the chickens are really growing up! Their feathers are in and they’re getting big! There’s a number of factors that go into getting chickens to a healthy size at this age – nutrition tailored to each stage of the chicken’s life, coordination between farmers and veterinarians, and optimized living conditions – from temperature, to lighting, to litter – all contribute to healthy growth of the chickens.

What isn’t making the birds bigger are added hormones or steroids. And there are no genetically modified chickens, period. Over the years, we’ve selected chickens with the healthiest growth and size for breeding, and we couple that with feeding, housing, and raising them well to raise larger, healthier birds. Additionally, all chicken is free of added or artificial hormones and steroids. In fact, federal regulations prohibit the use of added hormones and steroids in all poultry.

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