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The Chicken Guarantees: Industry-Wide Standards for Broiler Chicken Welfare

Even though chicken is the #1 protein consumed in the United States, there’s still a lot of confusion and misinformation when it comes to how chickens are actually raised on the farm. So it is more important than ever to come together and define the basic standards for chicken care in a simple way for consumers, to provide them with more information about their food and clarify misconceptions

That’s why The National Chicken Council launched The Chicken Guarantees.

The Chicken Guarantees are a set of industry-wide standards for broiler chicken welfare principles that apply to American-raised broiler chickens. The Chicken Guarantees are welfare standards that not only serve as a benchmark for the broiler chicken industry – but as a consumer guarantee.

In addition to the industry’s previously established chicken welfare standards, The Chicken Guarantees includes the following welfare standards that you can expect when you buy and eat any American-raised chicken:

The Chicken Guarantees Infographic

The Chicken Guarantees hold true, no matter what chicken you eat. They encompass chicken of every kind found in U.S. grocery stores, restaurants and cafeterias, to ensure people have the correct information they are seeking regarding how their food is cared for and raised.

Anytime you buy or eat chicken, you can be assured that the chicken is…


See The Chicken Guarantees in action, and check out this video:

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