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“The Cluck” Celebrates National Farmer’s Day

October 12, 2016 – Welcome to “The Cluck”–  a blog dedicated to opening our farm doors, and providing you another great way to check-in on the broiler chickens you ultimately serve to your families.

Today also marks National Farmer’s Day and to celebrate, we’re officially launching the Chicken Check In Instagram page. Our Instagram page features images from chicken farmers from across the country going about their daily business of caring for the chickens. We wanted to give you as close and intimate a view of how that happens, and Instagram provides us the platform to do just that

As you can imagine, chicken farmers take their job very seriously and put the welfare of their birds at the top of their priority list. As you’ll see in our Day in the Life video series, raising chickens is a 24/7 job that entails welcoming baby chicks on their first day, ensuring they have the proper feed and water to meet their growing needs, walking the house multiple times per day to check on their flock and ultimately seeing them off to processing when they’re grown and ready. After all, the financial success of their farms ultimately depends on the health and welfare of their birds.

We look forward to sharing more about what life is like on the farm through “The Cluck.” For now, head on over to Instagram and see for yourself!

Post written by Kourtney Determan, Manager of Strategic and Digital Communications at National Chicken Council