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National Ag Day: During Difficult Times and Everyday – American Agriculture Does Not Stop

Amidst the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, America’s food industry is doing its part to ensure grocery store shelves remain stocked with nutritious food, including chicken.  Together with our production partners and supply chain experts, we are committed to feeding families across the U.S.

The industry is working around the clock to help assure there are limited, if any, disruptions in chicken production or the supply chain at this time. And thanks to the heroic efforts of everyone in the meat and poultry industry, our meat supply keeps flowing.

Our partners in the distribution system and throughout the supply chain are working tirelessly to keep shelves stocked. Like other businesses, our members are working with the appropriate government agencies, and we are communicating with employees and have response plans in place to prevent, contain and respond to COVID-19.

On this National Ag Day, the National Chicken Council would like to thank the men, women and their families who are working during difficult times to help feed our families. To the food manufacturers, farmers, truckers, grocery store employees and everyone in between – THANK YOU.

Even in times of crisis, agriculture and our food system does not stop.

There is no telecommuting option for those who raise broiler chickens, nor grocery store employees who stock shelves.  America’s farmers and food industry personnel will do what it takes to provide food for your families. Thanks to significant advancements within the broiler chicken industry, the latest technology and innovative farming practices allow us to respond quickly and effectively to situations like the one we currently face. Even in the most challenging times, our mission to feed families across America remains.

You can do your part, too.

When shopping, buy what you need to feed your family, but please leave food for others.  The empty shelves you may be seeing on the news and in your grocery store are likely due to shoppers buying 3-4 times what they usually buy; 3-4 times what they actually need.  What’s missing from a shelf one day will be restocked.  Have patience. Be kind. And, be thankful.

For the past 47 years, we have celebrated American agriculture and everyone who makes it possible on National Ag Day, March 24. This year, we have an even greater reason to be thankful for our agricultural community.

While we are all affected by the global spread of COVID-19, our nation’s farmers, veterinarians and agriculturalists are committed to keeping our shelves stocked with nutritious food.