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Get to Know Levi, a Chicken Farmer from Mississippi

How did you get into chicken farming?

Prior to the big oilfield crash, my family worked in the oilfield for the majority of my life. When the crash happened, we came home and ended up having trouble finding jobs that could support our needs. Since I had worked in broiler houses for my girlfriend’s family before, my family and I decided to purchase houses of our own. Once we got our foot in the door, we never looked back and we have been successful in the poultry business ever since.

What do you love about chicken farming?

My favorite part of chicken farming is the freedom that comes with it. I also enjoy being able to see the growth process that the birds go through. They almost become like your family throughout a growout. Like family, you want to see your birds grow and stay healthy.

What’s your least favorite thing about chicken farming?

My least favorite part of chicken farming is the negativity that comes from outsiders. Most people don’t understand what farmers do on a daily basis, and they make assumptions that we mishandle birds and categorize us as bad people.

What’s one thing about chicken farming you wish more people would know?

I wish people could understand that chicken farming is a way of life for a lot of families. This is how a lot of people feed their families. We actually care for and love our birds and jobs. We do not only do it for money. I also wish they could see the hard times that farmers face and that times are not always good.

What’s your favorite chicken dish? 

My favorite poultry dish would have to be chicken spaghetti.