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Get to Know Daniel, a Chicken Farmer from Kentucky

How did you get into chicken farming?

I was born and raised on a small farm in western Kentucky where we raised tobacco and beef cattle. In 1998 we were given the opportunity to build broiler chicken houses so we did with four houses. From then on I grew up raising chickens.

I then graduated college from Murray State University with a BS degree in Agriculture Business. Throughout my college career I found myself being drawn more and more back to the farm, so I decided to answer that call and come back to the farm after graduating in 2011. I later met my wife whom is from Oklahoma and we got married in 2014. Now I run our poultry operation along with my parents and are currently building four additional houses.

What do you love about chicken farming?

What’s there not to love? I love the atmosphere of the farm itself, our whole family is involved. I get the opportunity to see my family everyday and work with them to feed thousands of people a year. I also love the products we raise and love the fact that I get to provide countless families with the same wholesome and safe chicken that our families eat.

What’s your least favorite thing about chicken farming?

I would say my least favorite part of chicken farming is the fact that there isn’t hardly a down time. We have to be here and available every moment that we have chickens and when the houses are empty, the real work begins on preparing for the next flock.

What’s one thing about chicken farming you wish more people would know?

I would just like more people to understand what actually goes into raising the chicken they eat. The care that the chickens are given is second to none on any other way a chicken can live. Farming is composed completely of passion, we put our hearts and souls in what we do and people need to experience just a taste of that passion.

What’s your favorite chicken dish? 

My favorite chicken dish has to be our unique way of barbequing chicken in our area with a special made dip. It’s to die for!

Get a glimpse into a day in the life at Daniel’s poultry farm: