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10 Years of Data in First-Ever U.S. Broiler Chicken Industry Sustainability Report

Whether you recycle, compost or are even conscious about turning lights off, you care for our planet. Well, the environment is top of mind for the U.S. chicken industry, too, all the way from the hatchery to your dinner table. To us, sustainability means being responsible stewards of land and water, animal and feed management, our people and communities. So we compiled a decade of data from 2010 to 2020 to identify what we’re doing right and areas we can improve.

The main takeaway? We’re proud to show that we’re nourishing more people and raising each bird with less environmental impact and fewer resources. But we also humbly admit this is the starting point for many more years of collective environmental and social effort by our industry.

The 2020 U.S. Broiler Chicken Industry Sustainability Report revolves around the following 6 key topics from the Broiler Production System Life Cycle Assessment: 2020 Update:

Air, Land and Water: Examines our industry’s environmental impacts and contributions to a healthy planet through emission reductions and responsible use of land and water resources.

Broiler Health and Welfare: Analyzes our industry’s animal husbandry practices that support broilers’ health, nutrition, comfort and overall well-being.

Employee Safety and Wellbeing: Features our commitment to worker safety and wellbeing, along with the ways we keep workers safe.

Food and Consumer Safety: Showcases the many ways our industry supports consumers’ health, by providing affordable, safe and essential nutrition.

Community Support: Illustrates our industry’s support for local communities through the job creation and aid to businesses and charities, among other organizations.

Food Security: Highlights our industry’s contributions to ensuring uninterrupted access and availability of affordable, nutrient-dense food.

Find out why the U.S. chicken industry is unparalleled. Uncover real data on our sustainability progress, read heartfelt industry testimonials and see our goals for continued growth. View the inaugural U.S. broiler chicken industry sustainability report here.