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4 Ways Chicken Makes Back-to-School Simple

Winner winner chicken dinner! Incorporating chicken into your family’s back-to-school routine will benefit everyone in your household.

Back-to-school season brings more than just the promise of a new year ahead. Between the bustle of a new routine, sports practices, and after-school activities, getting into a different groove may feel impossible. With all the changes underway, keeping your family nourished and energized is important for a smooth transition. For quick, budget-friendly dinners that even kids will approve, choose chicken!

With its nutrient-dense and numerous varieties, you can count on chicken to provide the nutrients your family needs for a successful return to school habits.

Did you know eating chicken delivers nutrients that play a vital role in brain health and cognition?

Both dark and white meat chicken provides choline, a nutrient young children need for continued brain development and memory regulation. In fact, a 3.5-ounce serving of roasted boneless, skinless chicken breast provides about 15% of daily choline needs for adults and children ages 4 or older. Better yet, a 3.5-ounce serving of roasted chicken wings provides 20% of daily choline recommendations!

By making chicken at family mealtimes, younger children are getting the nutrients they need to keep their brains powered and ready to take on the school day. With all the different chicken varieties and nearly limitless ways to cook it, you can be sure to serve a meal the whole family enjoys.

Here are 4 varieties of chicken and just some of the ways to prepare delicious and easy back-to-school meals:

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