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Americans Flock to Chicken, the Nation’s Top Quarantine Protein

Do you find yourself eating more chicken during quarantine? Well, you’re definitely not alone. With more Americans eating at home than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic, chicken is a staple on dinner tables everywhere. According to the latest survey from the National Chicken Council (NCC), 75% of Americans who eat any chicken say they prepared it at home at least once a week.

The overall findings offer a better understanding of chicken consumption trends and preferences in the United States. As stay-at-home practices continue nationwide, the latest data reveals that half (50%) of Americans say they have eaten chicken more than any other protein during COVID-19.

Chicken is versatile for every table.

With chicken being a main ingredient in many family meals, chicken is taking center stage in the quarantine kitchen. From meal prepping to date night, chicken is showing up on tables across the U.S. Not only are Americans increasing the amount of chicken they are eating, but many (39%) are also finding new ways to prepare tasty poultry.

Chicken for dinner and chicken under the tree.

The hottest gift this holiday season isn’t the latest tech – you guessed it: it’s chicken! New for holiday 2020, 56% of chicken eaters would be happy to get chicken as a holiday gift – though we don’t recommend it as a stocking stuffer!

Chicken doesn’t just make a great gift. It also should be on your holiday table! Half of Americans who eat it at all say they’d prefer chicken to ham (52%) or turkey (49%) at a holiday meal. Move over Thanksgiving turkey – even wings made the cut! More than half of survey respondents who eat chicken say they would eat chicken wings as part of Thanksgiving (57%) or Christmas (61%) dinner.

The great chicken debate continues.

With chicken, it’s more than just #TeamDrums vs #TeamFlats. There’s a new debate brewing (or should we say frying), with just over half (53%) of Americans saying they prefer boneless wings over traditional bone-in wings. Grilled chicken also holds a slight edge over fried options with 52% saying they preferred grilled.

In terms of cuts, two in five Americans say that the breast is their favorite piece of chicken, but wing (20%), thigh (17%) and drumstick (14%) are also fierce competitors. Three-quarters (74%) of chicken eaters would prefer to eat real chicken over plant-based alternatives.

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