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#RaisingPoultry :: Incoming!

The same day that baby chicks hatch, they are transported to the farm. Learn about all the steps that goes into unloading the chicks and making sure they have everything they need to grow up big and healthy....

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#RaisingPoultry :: the penthouse please

Before the chicks arrive at the farm, there is a ton of prep. Think of preparation on the chicken farm as the ultimate maid service, mattress connoisseur, butler, catering staff, IT guru, and healthcare professional all in one. ...

Normal chicken breast (left) vs. a breast with white striping (right)
White Striping in Chicken

Poultry scientists (and moms) discuss what causes white striping in chicken and explain that it is absolutely safe to eat – there is no safety concern. ...

#RaisingPoultry :: the hatchery

Lauren Arbogast, a chicken farmer and blogger at Paint The Town Ag, walks us through how poultry is raised in the United States. In this post, Lauren describes the hatchery, where fertilized eggs are incubated and eventually hatch into baby chicks....

1.33 Billion Chicken Wings To Be Eaten On Super Bowl Sunday
Chicken Wing-onomics 2017

Americans are projected to eat 1.33 billion chicken wings during Super Bowl LI. So how do all those wings measure up? We compiled some stats in this infographic to put all those wings into perspective....

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