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#RaisingPoultry :: Bye Bye Birdie

There comes a time to say goodbye to our feathered friends. Lauren Arbogast, @PaintTheTownAg, explains what goes into transporting chickens to processing....

A chicken farmer's number one priority is maintaining the health of the flock. Chicken farmers regularly check on the chickens to make sure they’re thriving.
Debunking the Myth that Chickens are “Suffering”

Dive deeper into claims made by animal rights groups that “chickens are suffering” and get the facts. All current measurable data – livability, disease, condemnation, digestive and leg health – reflect that the national broiler flock is healthier than in years past. And breeding chickens...

#RaisingPoultry :: Incoming!

The same day that baby chicks hatch, they are transported to the farm. Learn about all the steps that goes into unloading the chicks and making sure they have everything they need to grow up big and healthy....

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