13 Nov 2015
China/Imports: Is my chicken coming from China, or other countries?

More than 99% of the chicken sold in the United States comes from chickens hatched, raised and processed in the United States. None currently come from China.

I heard that that the U.S. may soon begin importing chicken from China. Is that true?

You may have seen that recently, the USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) released an audit showing that China’s poultry inspection system meets U.S. standards. It’s important to note that this has not changed the fact that more than 99% of chicken sold and consumed in the U.S. are hatched, raised and processed here – not in China – and we do not anticipate this to change anytime soon. FSIS must still take a number of steps, before it can make any final determination about chicken from China being exported to the U.S.

To read some frequently asked questions and answers about this topic, visit the USDA’s FSIS website.

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